Why Pick on Me? by James Hadley Chase

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Title: Why Pick on Me?
Author: James Hadley Chase
Category: Suspense
Date: 1976/
Lenguage: English
Publisher: unknown
Pages: unknown
ISBN10: 9780709152101



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Ebook description:

Milly Lawes a Piccadilly streetwalker, found a strange ring in her room one day. An hour later she was dead, and the ring gone. Scotland Yard knew all about the ring though; so did the Secret Service, and before very long, did Martin Corridon, ex-Commando, ex-M15, ex-ethics of any kind . . . Corridon didn’t really want to know, didn’t want to work with the service again, but Milly had been a sort of friend, and the thought of her cut throat and blood soaked bed was enough to send him off on a trail of sabotage and murder. A trail that had him running as a hunter, and hunted . . .

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