Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion by Sam Harris

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Title: Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion
Author: Sam Harris
Category: Nonfiction
Date: 1/1/2014
Lenguage: English
Publisher: unknown
Pages: unknown
ISBN10: 9781451636031



You can download Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion this ebook or read it online

Ebook description:

For the millions of Americans who want spirituality without religion, Sam Harris’s latest New York Times bestseller is a guide to meditation as a rational practice informed by neuroscience and psychology. From Sam Harris, neuroscientist and author of numerous New York Times bestselling books, Waking Up is for the twenty percent of Americans who follow no religion but who suspect that important truths can be found in the experiences of such figures as Jesus, the Buddha, Lao Tzu, Rumi, and the other saints and sages of history. Throughout this book, Harris argues that there is more to understanding reality than science and secular culture generally allow, and that how we pay attention to the present moment largely determines the quality of our lives. Waking Up is part memoir and part exploration of the scientific underpinnings of spirituality. No other book marries contemplative wisdom and modern science in this way, and no author other than Sam Harris—a scientist, philosopher, and famous skeptic—could write it.

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