This Way for a Shroud by James Hadley Chase

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Title: This Way for a Shroud
Author: James Hadley Chase
Category: Thriller
Date: 5/1/1954
Lenguage: English
Publisher: unknown
Pages: unknown
ISBN10: 9780586028360



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MISS ARNOT IS IN THE SWIMMING POOL, MINUS HER HEAD… The brutal murder of June Arnot, famous screen actress, and the massacre of all her servants is just the curtain raiser to this chill-a-page novel. The D.A. suspects that June Arnot was the mistress of Jack Maurer, boss of a billion dollars’ worth of rackets. For fifteen years he has been trying to bring Maurer to trial. Is this the opportunity he has been waiting for ? His case depends on one terrified and unwilling eye-witness, but can she survive Maurer’s vengeance and be persuaded to talk… ? Sergeant O’Brien, a tall thin man with hard eyes and a flock of freckles, came out of the lounge. ” Found anything ? ” Bardin asked. ” Some slugs, nothing else. No finger-prints that aren’t accounted for. It’s my guess the killer just walked in, shot down everyone in sight and then walked out again without touching a thing. “

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