The Iron Butterfly (Iron Butterfly, #1) by Chanda Hahn

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Title: The Iron Butterfly (Iron Butterfly, #1)
Author: Chanda Hahn
Category: Fantasy
Date: 2/20/2012
Lenguage: English
Publisher: unknown
Pages: unknown
ISBN10: 2940033068241



You can download The Iron Butterfly (Iron Butterfly, #1) this ebook or read it online

Ebook description:

Imprisoned, starved and left with no memories, Thalia awakens to find herself at the mercy of an evil cult known as the Septori. Their leader has chosen Thalia as the test subject for a torture device of untold power, designed to change and twist her into something that is neither human nor Denai.Escaping, Thalia finds an unwilling warrior to protect her and an unlikely Denai to befriend her. After finding a home at the Citadel as a servant, Thalia’s worst nightmare comes to life and she begins to show signs of power. Scared and unable to control her gifts, she tries to hide her past to fit in among the Denai. But the Septori want their latest test subject back and will stop at nothing to retrieve her, dead or alive.

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