Sympathy for the Devil (Hanson #1) by Kent Anderson

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Title: Sympathy for the Devil (Hanson #1)
Author: Kent Anderson
Category: Fiction
Date: 1987/7/
Lenguage: English
Publisher: unknown
Pages: unknown
ISBN10: 9780553580877



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Ebook description:

Censured by some critics for its brutality but heralded by others as a modern-day classic, Sympathy for the Devil is a terrifying, intoxicating journey through the violence, madness, and insane beauty of battle. It traces the story of a hardened Green Beret named Hanson, a college student who goes to war with a book of Yeats’s poetry in his pocket and discovers the savagery within himself. In this extraordinary novel, we follow Hanson through two tours of duty and a bitter attempt to live as a civilian in between. At one with the lush and dangerous world around him in Vietnam, Hanson is doomed to survive the landscape of devastation he encounters. Sympathy for the Devil contains some of the most vivid, finely etched prose ever written about the actual process of war–from firing a weapon for the first time in battle to the moment a young man knows that he has entered a living hell and found a home….

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