Fallen Crest Family (Fallen Crest High, #2) by Tijan

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Title: Fallen Crest Family (Fallen Crest High, #2)
Author: Tijan
Category: Favorites
Date: 6/18/2013
Lenguage: English
Publisher: unknown
Pages: unknown
ISBN10: 9781491001011



You can download Fallen Crest Family (Fallen Crest High, #2) this ebook or read it online

Ebook description:

Samantha and Mason are together. Everyone knows it. Not everyone is dealing with it. While Mason’s ready to give them the middle finger, there’s one not going away. Her mother. Threats are issued. Ultimatums are given. Even blackmail is used, but only Samantha can put a stop to Analise. However, when a trauma from her past is triggered, she may not have the courage or strength to do what’s needed. If she doesn’t, Mason’s future could be destroyed.

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