Djibi by Felix Salten

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Title: Djibi
Author: Felix Salten
Category: Novels
Date: 1948/
Lenguage: English
Publisher: unknown
Pages: unknown
ISBN10: 9781442487642



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Ebook description:

Follow Djibi the cat as she bounces from farm to forest to a hunter’s cozy home in this collectible edition of a classic animal story from the author of Bambi. Djibi the cat is loveable, independent, resourceful, and wise. After escaping from the farm where she was born, this extraordinary kitty learns how to survive in the woods. Djibi travels far in the forest before encountering a hunter. Knowing she is something special, the hunter takes Djibi home. It is a warm and cozy place, home to Tasso the dog, Hansi the canary, and soon, three rambunctious kittens. Ever the curious cat, Djibi continues to get into scrapes and messes around the house, but she loves the hunter and her other animal companions, and rules their home like a queen in her castle. Felix Salten’s timeless tale of a delightful cat and her extraordinary adventures is vividly depicted in this beautiful repackage.

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